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Beecher's Foundation

Building a better food future for all.

The Beecher's Foundation

Sugar Mountain businesses contribute a percentage of all sales to The Beecher's Foundation (501c3), founded by Sugar Mountain CEO Kurt Dammeier and in 2004.

The Beecher's Foundation is a small but mighty team of change-makers, stubborn optimists, and unapologetic eaters. As they put it, "We live in the real world, we don't shy away from the?stickiest problems, and we believe in the power of individuals to make everyday choices that will transform our food system."

The Beecher’s Foundation is dedicated to re-imagining our food future. Through direct programming for youth and adults, they educate and inspire people to eat real food and vote with every food dollar. The Seattle-based Foundation operates the Pure Food Kids Workshop and Sound Food Uprising.

For more information or to become a part of the food revolution, visit



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